UNA-Morocco strongly supports and promotes the commitment of young people. The organization will work to ensure that at least two Moroccan Youth Delegates accompany the Moroccan Delegation to the UN General Assembly to New York every year to advise the General Assembly on youth-related issues. The selection process takes place in joined cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI).

In order to provide quality advice on youth-related issues, the Youth Delegates must be familiar with issues related to youth and must know how these topics are being discussed among Moroccan adolescents themselves. In addition to this, they have to develop an understanding of the inner workings of the UN General Assembly as well as all committees relating to youth. The incorporation and discussion of youth topics takes place through the MAECI in addition to the youth delegates’ tour of Morocco, which is completed every year between April and September. This enables local youth groups to invite the delegates to speak with them about youth related issues. The results of every stop on the tour will be collected as proposals and will flow into discussions about the UN resolution on youth.

Since 1981, the UN has recommended that member states should incorporate Youth Delegates into their UN delegations in order to ensure a form of direct participation for youth in UN politics and processes. Interested young people will have the opportunity to participate in the annual Third Committee of the UN General Assembly, which deals with social, humanitarian and cultural questions. In addition to this, the UN Focal Point on Youth deals exclusively with youth in the field. It also calls attention to the situation of young people and advocates for their rights.

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